High CPU and RAM usage by erl.exe, indexer.exe, memcache.exe and cbq-engine

Hello Everyone,
I’m new in this forum and using Couchbase Server 5.1.1 community edition and using 5 buckets to store data as per requirements. But I’m seeing high utilization of CPU & RAM by erl.exe, indexer.exe, memcache.exe and cbq-engine.exe. Sometimes my system is performing very slow and eating performance of application.

Anyone from forum can guide me to solve or improve resource utilization on my machine.

Hello snehil0289,

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It might be normal and expected, depending how many nodes are in your cluster, how many CPU cores and the amount of RAM you’ve allocated to Couchbase Server node/s. I’d suggest reading our blog post about sizing a cluster. Generally speaking, if you are using 5 buckets, you’ll want to have 8 CPU cores dedicated to Couchbase Server. Each bucket in a Couchbase Server cluster is similar to deploying an entire additional database in a legacy relational database. This CPU usage can be reduced if you were able to reduce the number of buckets that you are using.

I would highly recommend trying out a newer version of Couchbase Server, such as the 7.0 Beta, as we are always improving areas such as resource usage and Couchbase Server 5.1.1 is from Feb 2018 and is actually End Of Life.

Upgrading means you can take advantage of a new feature called Collections in Couchbase Server 7.0. It will allow you to organise and isolate documents in a smaller number of buckets. Collections do not have the resource overhead of individual buckets.

Ian McCloy (Couchbase Principal Product Manager)

Thank you @ianmccloy for your prompt reply.
As you suggest, I’m looking for this way to sort out my current issues.
Need some clarification if I moves to upgraded version, Currently I’m using community edition of 5.1.1, trying to restore my backup in upgraded version. can you please suggest or guide me that how can I restore my current data into upgraded version like 7.0 beta or any latest stable community version. Could it be possible to restore full backup in community edition otherwise we should move for Enterprise edition ?
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile: