Web portal (Un)Usability

Does anyone else find the web-portal un-usable because of the auto-resizing of the query box? I end-up having to write the queries in notepad and copy them there. Auto-resizing the query box when you click on the query result(to copy something to put in the query) is annoying at the least.
The best option would be if I could drag and resize my query box with the mouse and for it to stay to the size I wanted it(even if I click somewhere else).

Does anyone know of a way to stop this “feature”?

I’m not aware of a means of disabling the automatic resizing of the query editor on focus change. @eben would likely be best placed to comment with certainty.

Hello @Aleksandra.Stoeva. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off that feature. In future releases, however, we are moving toward a draggable boundary between the query and results windows.