Couchbase Web Console Missing Query Tab

Hi, I just installed couchbase-server-community- And I dont see the Query tab in the Couchbase Web Console.

But If I install couchbase server 4.5 enterprise. I see the tab. The cluster says I have query, index and data service running.

I would like to write queries in the query tab.

Please advise,



Hi Steeve, the query UI is only available with the enterprise edition.

The post above is incorrect. The query tab was not available in the Couchbase 4.1 release. It is new for Couchbase 4.5. It is supported in both Community and Enterprise Editions in Couchbase 4.5, but the Enterprise Edition allows you to do schema inferencing.


By schema referencing, are you referring to the ability to perform queries by joining data from 2 different buckets?

If there are more things not included in the community version. Is there a more detailed version of this URL?


See this and the video at the bottom: