Want to join existing cluster but getting error while doing the same


I am not able to configure to join the existing cluster. What exactly I need to provide in the IP Address required for joining to existing cluster?
What shall I provide in the hostname for Configure Server Hostname?
I am getting an error : "Could not listen: eaddrnotavail"

I have provided the IP address of the cluster I want to join to and the username and password of the couchbase console of that cluster.
What should I provide in Configure Server Hostname? Will it be the server’s hostname where we are doing the configuration?
Currently I have provided localhost server in hostname.
I am getting an error “Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Timeout connecting to on port 4369”. Where from is this port coming? Where do we need to specify the port?
I have attached the screenshot of the same.
Please let me know what details I need to provide as I am stuck at the same.

You don’t need to specify a port number, but that port cannot be blocked between the cluster nodes. The documentation has a full list of ports expected to be available. Once you open the ports, the two nodes will be able to cluster.


Which document are you referring to which contains the full list of ports ?
What we need to provide in Configure Server Hostname?

The necessary ports are in this document https://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/current/install/install-ports.html

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All that is required is the hostname. As long as the ports are open, the software will negotiate the rest.

I tried but couldn’t connect to the existing cluster. So I created a new cluster. Now I want to import my previous cluster’s buckets along with all the documents in my new cluster.

I tried taking export for each of the bucket and importing it. But while importing, I got an error “Bash cbimport command not found”.
Even I tried using cbdocloader but got the same error.

Please suggest what I need to do to replicate the existing cluster’s bucket details into new cluster.

Probably best to post a new topic so those familiar with backup/restore will see the request.