Unable to join cluster during initial installation

I have two servers:

hostname1.platon.sk []
hostname2.platon.sk []

Installation of first went well.
But during the installation on the second server, I am unable to join the cluster. Here is what I have filled in:

Hostname: hostname2.platon.sk
Join a cluster now:
IP Address:
Username: administrator
Password: *********

And the error message is:

Attention - Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Timeout connecting to “hostname2.platon.sk” on port “4369”. This could be due to an incorrect host/port combination or a firewall in place between the servers.

Why it is connecting to hostname2.platon.sk, when it should be connection to Seems like an instalator bug for me.

Chances are this indicates hostname2 has a blocked port. Yes, you’re initiating it with but then they both have to contact each other at the erlang portmapper. You should verify (say, with telnet) that the port is reachable bidirectionally.

They can contact each other – indeed I verified this using telnet.

Maybe the problem is that I want replication to run over LAN (192.168.1.x), but I managed this through public interface with public IP address.

So I realized that something like this is not possible with Couchbase. So I went to server hostname1 and tried that manally from command line, but that does not work either:

root@hostname1:~# /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli server-add -c -u admin -p PASSWORD --server-add=

ERROR: unable to server-add (400) Bad Request
[u’Prepare join failed. Node is already part of cluster.’]

No matter what I do: I always get “Node is already part of cluster” when
in fact it is not.

I wish that error message would be true :slight_smile: but it is not :frowning:

What it is trying to tell me?


In the web console, under “Server Nodes” there is a selector for “Pending Rebalance”. Is the new node listed there?

Thanks for your reply.

No, server is not listed there.

It says: There are no servers pending rebalance.