CB Cluster of VMs in 2 different AWS accounts: "Failed to reach erlang port mapper"

I am forced to create a cluster of CouchBase 4 servers that are running under 2 different AWS accounts - we are doing that for backup purposes.
In both accounts we opened port 4369 on CouchBase servers.

While trying to add the 2nd server into the cluster from the 1st server (with the 2nd server’s public IP) we see the following error:
“Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Timeout connecting to “2nd_server_PRIVATE_IP” on port “4369”. This could be due to an incorrect host/port combination or a firewall in place between the servers.”

It looks like the problem might happen because the 2nd server’s public IP is somehow translated into its PRIVATE_IP.

How can we resolve this?

@alex1, this is a fairly unusual setup. You may be able to use the server names instead of IPs to register. This way each machine can map the name to the IP address that makes sense to itself (hosts file).
I am sure you are already aware but wanted to point out that the workarounds above can be problematic in adding and removing nodes.

Using names doesn’t resolve the problem - the names are still being resolved the CouchBase to private IPs…

what you can do in this case is you can use your hosts file to map the name to the public IPs. I can send examples if you have not done that before.

Please feel free sending examples.

Although I tried to do that (the way I thought it should be done) - it didn’t help…


I am receiving this issue as well. However, my setup is admittedly different. I am attempting to add CB Server instance hosted on an Azure Ubuntu Linux classic VM. I have opened all the ports required (I believe), including the one complaining.

My local instance is hosted on my MacBook Pro. When I attempt to add the Azure Linux instance to a new cluster with my MacBook instance I receive the error message

“Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Timeout connecting to ‘xx.xx.xx.xxx’ on port “4369”. This could be due to an incorrect host/port combination or a firewall in place between the servers.”

The IP referenced in the error is the IP address of the remote instance.
Below is the table of my opened ports for that instance.

I have also verified the port is open locally on my Mac

Are there limits prohibiting a Mac OSX-based instance in the same cluster with a Linux? This is where my suspicions are.

Many thanks.

Hi @jgcoding, this is not supported you cannot add Couchbase Server instance running on MAC machine to a Linux cluster. Reason being Couchbase Server on MAC platform is only for development and testing purposes.

Right, no1 likes Apple those days :wink:

Thank you for your confirmation Anil, I appreciate it. I suspected as much. I assume the same would be true if I attempted the same from a Windows-based CB install?

Actually, I just re-read your reply. I dont suspect it will change your answer but…

In your reply, you assumed I was attempting to add a Mac instance to a Linux cluster. That is not correct. I am actually trying to add the Linux instance to a Mac cluster. This may not change anything but I want to be sure before I move on.



You’re correct that that wouldn’t be supported either. Mac is different - only 64 vBuckets instead of the normal 1024, for example, so you don’t want to put a Mac node in a cluster with Linux nodes or you might encounter unexpected behaviors.

Will, thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I do remember now
learning about the vBuckets being different.