VPN connection issues

I get many unreasonable OperationTimeout / ServiceUnavailable error messages when performing queries.

The server is behind a VPN. I call from localhost.
I use query.RawUri().OriginalString; to view the URL.
When the call fails in .net, I run the URL in the browser and it always work !
The only difference is that the URL always starts with and I have to manually change it to the public server IP for it to work.
Calling from the browser returns an error.
Even if I change the server list in ClientConfiguration to the public IP or the DNS name, it always resolve to in the RawUri()

What I don’t understand is why the IP is resolved to and why it sometimes do work.

What should I change to make the system more stable ?

I am currently running my test sites on my laptop to connect to couchbase cluster via VPN, and I have not seen any problems, but my experience with VPNs shows me that they can be extremely tricky. Typically, there are built in firewalls (on windows boxes especially or on cloud servers) that can cause issues. Since it seems that the SDK is making more than just one connection to multiple servers on unusual ports, it probably is more susceptible to problems with network infrastructure. I am using the Fortinet VPN client to connect to my servers behind a Fortigate very successfully.


My VPN and cluster are on Azure.
What I don’t understand is when the SDK uses that doesn’t work from the browser and not the public IP, x.x.x.x, that does work from the server and why sometimes do work ?

@jmorris ?