Cannot connect to remote server

I’am trying to connect to my couchbase server which is running on a remote server on the internet by using the .NET SDK.
I’am basically using this line which i found in the documentation:

var cluster = await Cluster.ConnectAsync("couchbase://167.x.x.x", "admin", "xxx");

So i’am simply using my IP-Adress of the server and (at the moment) the admin credentials.
Couchbase server is configured to use all the default ports and all required ports are open on the server.

But when exeuting this line of code i get “DnsClient.DnsResponseException: “Non-Existent Domain””
What do i need to do here?
Do i need a different connection string? All the exaples are using “localhost” but i want to connect to a remote server.

Edit: The client SDK version is 3.2.5
The server shows: Community 7.0.2

Thank you.

Hi @peini7,

Welcome to the Couchbase forums! This appears to be a communication issue with the server. The tool we use to diagnose these issues is the SDK Doctor | Couchbase Docs

Run that and then refer to the summary at the bottom of the report.