Very large scale

It is just a question, I want know limits of couchbase

Assume we have 300 couchbase node server and 500 application server, each application server has 8 core CPU and in each core we have a application process that opens a couchbase bucket

From each opened bucket it is possible to read data from each 300 couchbase server , So I think each process can open up to 300 connections

And in theory each couchbase server must handler 500*8=4000 client connection

Do I think right?
Can couchbase scale up?

Note that the default Data Service connection limit is 30,000 connections per node; so from a KV point of view you should be fine.

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And adding on to @drigby’s comment, there is at least one deployment with >1500 client machines. Since they’re independent, they each have at least one connection and this is no problem. That user simulated a core-switch failure too, and verified the system recovered gracefully.

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