How many queries / connections can I run at once?

Not sure if i’m reading this correctly. Does this mean I can do 60K different queries with different connections all at once?

Max concurrent key-value connections


Each Couchbase Data node allows, by default, up to 60,000 concurrent key-value connections in total to the two client ports — 11207 (SSL) and 11210 (plain).

That is data node connections.

If you are looking N1QL concurrent queries that can execute any time per query node.

Unbounded queries : 4 *n   + Request_Plus queries : 16*n
n =4  per CE, n = number of cores for EE.

If you have more query nodes multiply that. NOTE: There are additional queries that can be queued (256 * logical cpus).

@vsr1 I see, thanks for breaking that down for me.

So I guess that means if i have 16 cores, then i can have 64 queries. Do you know what people usually do when they have to run thousands of queries at once? Maybe CB is not able to handle that kind of load. I’ll read into query queuing, since that might be a potential solution.

I could have up to 7k queries at one time which is why i’m asking, if I can’t manage that then I may need to architect around it.

Depends on how long queries takes. In EE Queries that produces 100 documents process 3K+ per sec on 48 core machine.

If you need you can add more query nodes. Query already does queueing (256 * logical cpus) .