Very higher Disk Usage


I am getting a warning for very high disk usage. Please, someone, let me know what I am doing wrong. Here I am attaching some screenshots for the better understanding. please find them below


Please give me some suggestion what I am doing wrong here.

Achint Sarkar

Do you have a screen shot of the warning? There is one that comes up when your overall disk capacity drops below about 9% available, which looks like what’s happening based on the Data Service Disk usage shown.

@hod.greeley thanks for the reply but i want to know how to manage data service disk in better way or optimize it. because i having around 250000 documents only for which it is taking around 10 gb of data.

If you look at the Data Service Disk bar graph, it shows Couchbase taking 2.57 GB. Is that more than you’re expecting? It’s consistent with the amount of data shown in the bucket listing.

The rest of the disk space is being used by something else. Can you examine the disk you’re using and see what’s taking the space?

@hod.greeley , Thanks for your advice. But i saw the memory consumption of other data as well. These other data are the data of buckets and indexes on disk. There is no other data in application. But still thanks for advice. I increased my memory over server that helped me resolved this issue on server. Thanks a lot for the help.