Disk usage on OS X EXTREMELY high

I have a bucket with about 100 MB data (Couchbase Server says so). It’s about 120,000 keys.

On Windows (dual core, 2 GB RAM, HDD) it tells me Data/Disk usage 100MB/100MB. On my much faster Macbook Pro (quad core i7, 8 GB RAM, SSD) it tells me Data/Disk usage 100MB/60GB. And for every 1 MB more data the disk usage grows another 600 MB.

Now, when I press compact on the bucket, the log (accessed thru the web ui) says the compaction was almost immediately finished, but the disk size won’t shrink.

All configurations are the same on Windows and OS X. I read the log file (created by the web ui Log->Generate Diagnostic Report) but could not find anything suspicious.

Both OS are 64-bit, Couchbase Server version is 2.2 Community 64-bit. And on OS X the problem seems to be real. I checked the disk space available information (HD->Get Info) and it goes from 75GB available to 1GB available in no time.

(On both OS I use the same program to fill the database.)

Also: the RAM usage is totally fine on both OS.

Oh, and I tested with and without views, disk usage stays about the same. So the problem is the database, not the view.

Can you tell me what could be the problem?

I’m very thankful for every help