Memory High usage

hi there
I a linux system admin
I using couchbase since 3 years ago on AWS EC2
when my ram was 4 GB
the usage was larger than 80%
and when I increase the ram quota to 8 GB the usage still 80%
so what is the problem to work on it

What is the data size in total? And difference between disk usage and memory used by data.

is this image what you mean ?

This looks very low datasize for couchbase. What OS you are using ? Can you see which process is taking memory.

I’m Using Ubuntu 14.04
the process is :- running memcached.json

memcached is the database on which couchbase has been developed. I also found this using disk and memory on windows I think @jens can guide on this.

I don’t work on Couchbase Server, and I’m definitely not an expert on it. Sorry.


Can you run these command:

sort by highest memory
#top -o %MEM
sort by highest memory by user couchbase
#top -o %MEM -u couchbase

To see what process are using the memory