Value for column 'node' in system:active_requests, completed_request is missing for community edition

Value for column ‘node’ in system:active_requests, completed_request is missing for community edition.
Column itself exists. But there are no values.
Values are presented in enterprise edition.
Question, is some config is missing, or it’s really available only in enterprise edition?
Version: Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693

@Liroud I am able to reproduce the issue. Let me figure out if this is a known issue or a bug and will get back to you

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Hello, any updates so far?

@Liroud has been logged for this issue. It is an Enterprise feature.

It doesn’t quite help. I still can query table by myself using n1ql. And value will be missing in that tables

@Liroud As I mentioned it is an EE only feature and what you are seeing is as per the design in CE edition

Yes I got it. But it’s only way to somehow track load/performance of the system. Without “node”, I will not be able to say, which exactly node was overloaded in community edition. Is there anyway, to add this feature? It’s just one column, but it will allow to use community edition for cluster.

Btw for which part of design are u referring for? Based on -
only UI should be not available for community edition - and not entire functionality.

As Raju says, distributed monitoring is only available in EE.
The reason why node is not populated is because, in CE, system:active requests (and all the other monitoring keyspaces) only report entries from the node your client is connected to, so even just using the system keyspaces, you wouldn’t be able to determine which node is loaded, because you don’t have visibility of the other nodes.

Does it mean, that in this table in CE, I will see only requests from particular node, to which I connected. And in order to collect all info, I need to connect to each node and collect it node by node?

I’m sorry to say that is exactly what it means.