V 2.0 or 1.4 for an Android and iOS app?

I need to build an android/iOS app that will require P2P replication as well as Sync gateway. My doubt is, is it worth it to wait for v 2.0 to be ready? it doesn’t seem to have support for Sync gateway on Android yet, am I wrong?
I have been looking at some 1.4 samples and I think I could work with that, but the new API on 2.0 seems much simpler.

We are really excited about the new 2.0 API and welcome all feedback. We are targeting to have a beta release of 2.0 the end of summer.

However, if you need to build and deploy your app right away you should stick with 1.4.

I believe the next Android build will have replication to Sync Gateway (@hideki?)
P2P replication isn’t available yet in these builds.

CBL Android 2.0.0-DB009 supports the Replicator against Sync Gateway.

Ok, thank you very much!