Is the listener available for Couchbase Mobile 2.0?

I’d like to experiment with Peer to Peer replication.

Not currently, but it will be by the time 2.0 ships.

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Have you any idea when a developer preview release of replication will be available for 2.0

I have a new android project which needs p2p replication, I’d rather start with 2.0 as the api and especially the queries are so much better.

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At this point we may be postponing P2P to 2.1. (It’s implemented, but testing it will take time that would push out the 2.0 ship date.) A final decision hasn’t been made, though.

We are also evaluating whether to make P2P an Enterprise Edition (EE) extension, which would make it available only to paying customers. (We’ve had EE features in the server for a long time, but this would be the first one for CBL.) Probably not what you want to hear, but it’s part of the reality of running a business on open-source software.

That’s unfortunate, what is the time frame for the 2.0 and 2.1 releases?

I can understand making P2P an enterprise service, it’s most likely enterprise applications (like ours) which will need it.

Could I suggest a pricing plan where you can pay for mobile enterprise features only.

We have an existing sqlserver back end and would only be using couchbase Mobile to keep the devices P2P sync’d. We will need to push data to the back end manually via REST services when online unfortunately. I’d much prefer to use a CB sync server and push updates to sqlserver from that, but it’s not looking like we can install sync server on the servers.

I would assume that is going to be the case, but just in case I’ll make sure that the appropriate people are pinged about this.

We are working on packaging P2P capabilities as a mobile Enterprise Edition only offering. Please reach out to me directly for the needs of your use case.

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anyway we can get preview for EE to test P2P?

Not yet. As I said above, we’re likely postponing P2P to CBL 2.1.

Couchbase is a revolution when we talk about keeping data in local and it syncs with server by writing only 5-10 line of code. A system which works out of the box for offline and online mode. This will increase the popularity of couchbase a lot because the future is mobile.

But making peer to peer a paid thing will back down lot of people. Please dont do that. Or if you do keep the cost low.

Pankaj Sharma

Hey Pankaj
Glad you like our platform.
As noted above, it is a business level decision that we have had to make so we can continue to grow and sustain all these other open source capabilities.
You may want to directly reach out to Sachin @ssmotra about pricing options.

Would it be possible to get Couchbase Lite Enterprise separately from Couchbase Server Enterprise to utilise the P2P functionality? The CBL P2P doesn’t involve the server, and that way it might remain within reach for community users.

Probably missed your point. Couchbase Lite EE is distributed independently of Couchbase Server EE. The decision to make P2P EE only on CBL 2.x is driven by business factors that are not related to the CB Server. Hope that clarifies.

No, you got my point. I misunderstood. I thought Couchbase Lite EE was part of the overall Couchbase (Server) EE package.