Set up a remote Couchbase Server

Hi, I am attempting to set up a windows machine as a remote Couchbase server. I would like to sync files from CBL.

I currently have both Couchbase server and Sync gateway installed on the machine along with CBL on my Android app. I have set up my windows machine with a static IP and am now wondering how to connect CBL to Sync gateway remotely.

I am using CBL 1.5 on Android and Couchbase Server 5.0 Community.


We do not have CBL 1.5 . We have CBL 1.4 . 1.5 is a Sync Gateway only .
Curious - Is there a reason you are using 1.4 and not starting off with 2.0 ?

Anyways, you will have to configure your CBL Replicator endpoint to point to the Sync Gateway endpoint (

Hi Priya,

Thanks for the reply! I couldn’t read the documentation for 2.0 as well as 1.4 so I opted for 1.4.

The problem was that I did specify the port of sync gateway so “” vs “

I am unclear. You couldn’t access the documentation for 2.0 ??

I did not understand it as well as 1.4

It would be great if you can submit feedback on 2.0 documentation by clicking on the "Feedback " link at bottom of relevant pages. That will help us determine what parts are unclear and how we can improve