Using memcached protocol to access Couchbase buckets.

Using memcached protocol to access Couchbase buckets.
Is it possible?
Moxi hasn’t been updated since 2017. At the same time, the documentation claims backward compatibility with the memcached protocol. I’ve used Membase as a session repository before, for example, and it worked more than well. There is now a project that can be integrated with memcached out of the box, and I would like to take full advantage of the persistent cache without making any changes to the project.
I do not believe that backward compatibility is buried, given that nothing prevents you from performing CRUD operations over the memcached protocol.

Hi ExArt,
Thanks for using our product. I have some questions to ask before answer your question.
What is Couchbase server version you are running? I need this information so I could check our document on that version.

I had the same requirement, the memcached support was still present in 5.0 but is missing in the later versions like 7.0.


There are some bugs with the docs, that fails to mention it is removed and claims that memcached is still supported…