Couchbase moxi support


We are currently using Couchbase community version 5.1.1 and plan on upgrading to 6.6.0 this year. One of our buckets is configured as Couchbase moxi. It runs on port 11202. I see moxi can still be configured in version 6.6.0 but also read in some blog posts that moxi will be going away. Is moxi going away anytime soon the future versions?

Thank you,

Hi @ghaleez ,

Couchbase 6.6.0 does not support Moxi (neither client-side nor server-side). My understanding is that the Moxi port remains configurable only to enable migration away from Moxi.

There are still some misleading references to Moxi in the documentation like the page you cited; this issue is being tracked as DOC-5795 where there’s currently an active discussion.