Moxi with memcached bucket?

Running a Couchbase 5 cluster, with a single memcached bucket, we use it via Php C memcached extension where all CB nodes are accessible.

I see a moxi process is running as soon as I have created the bucket, in this case, what is the role of the moxi proxy?

Also, sometime, couchbase gives the wrong content for a given key (empty array), as a workaround, in Php we must loop to try different nodes in order to have the right content, is it normal?

Thanks for using our Couchbase Server software. I have a question. What Couchbase Server version you are running? I ask this because 5.0 and 5.5 are different. Moxi will not support and may remove in later version.

Couchbase 5.1! I will try couchbase 5.5 so.

Right, moxi is no more running from Couchbase 5.5.1.

So now, I have several choices:

  1. Configure the Php memcached to distribute keys over cluster
  2. Use moxi proxy (or another) to distribute keys over cluster

Couchbase is here to provide the web UI and key namespace map to moxi ?