Client-side cache options in Couchbase 7.0?

Now that the stand-alone “moxi” and memcached components are deprecated,
is there any new component that would replace them for local proxying ?

As mentioned above, you can also run your own moxi instances on the client-side, or on your web-app server hosts. In this case, your web application will be making local machine connections to a long-running moxi process (which will provide connection pooling for you). That is, your web applications will connection to, and moxi will do the rest to proxy requests to the right Couchbase server.

I can connect to the server by changing from libmemcached to libcouchbase,
but is there any program available to provide connection pooling and proxying ?

It does work OK with Couchbase Server Community 5.0, but not with the later ones.

There a three main reasons for using moxi :


You want the automatic, dynamic reconfiguration features of Couchbase, but you’re too busy to change your web application. moxi can help here by proxying requests to the correct Couchbase server nodes and will provide protocol transformations, too. That is, you can keep on using ascii memcached clients without any changes.


Simplifying your configuration. moxi can dynamically respond to cluster health updates, so your application doesn’t have to.


You can use moxi within a “client-side” architecture (which runs on your web application servers). This can be helpful to share already-connected sockets, reduce the number of connections from web-app servers to Couchbase, and avoid extra machine hops

Assuming that I do get around to fixing point 1 (memcached), how can I address points 2 (simplification) and 3 (performance) ?

Would I have to write my own Moxi replacement, that would speak something like gRPC and then talk to the Couchbase cluster ?

I changed to using Redis instead, it has nutcracker to replace moxi.