Using Couchbaseclient.getstats(statsname) to get specific statistics only

Hi there,

I’m trying to collect specific statistics about the execution of couchbase operations and times but yet struggling to find the right function to do this.

The latest thing I tried was Couchbaseclient.getstats() that return about two pages for every server in my cluster but I only want to collect specific statistics not everything.

I tried to use Couchbaseclient.getstats(statsname), but it doesn’t seem to return anything. I know I might be using in a wrong way but couldn’t find any example of it.

Could you please advise on how to use this function to specify what statistics to collect and if you can provide some documentation on what each statistic means would be great.

your quick response is very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

If you are planning to do micro benchmarking then read this first ->


Lets give a try to the TAP API :slight_smile: