How to retrieve couchbase response time by bucket and opType


We used to query moxi with “stats proxy timings” to retrieve couchbase response time by bucket and operation type, but we don’t use moxi any more (we have switched to a libcouchbase sdk) and don’t find any way to retrieve those same informations

Is there any way to get access to the couchbase response time ?

(/pools/default/buckets/active/stats doesn’t give any help on this subject,
neither /pools/default/buckets/active/statsDirectory)

You can get that data via cli

/opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats :11210 all -b <bucket_name> [-p <bucket_password>]

There you can see cmd_get and cmd_set response times

Thanks for your help

Indeed it gives some nice informations about get and set, but fails to give timing stats about others couchbase commands like incr, getl, cas, add, replace, remove, *Multi, etc … (May be moxi didn’t give it either, can’t remember as we were only collecting stats about gets and sets)

Does any one know Any way to get access to the timing stats for each operation ?


curl -u Administrator:password http://IP_ADDRESS:8091/pools/default/buckets/BUCKET_NAME/nodes/IP_ADDRESS:8091/stats

curl -u Administrator:password http://<ip_address>:8091/pools/default/buckets/<name_of_bucket>/nodes/<ip_address>:8091/stats

This will give you 207 metrics. Its a per node and per bucket call. You only need to call every minute b/c it give you a minutes worth of data. Its sorta big @ 50-60KB json string. Also the …/nodes/<ip_address>:8091 in the <ip_address> is very picky so use the exact ip address or fully qualified domain name that you have set in the cluster…