How to check performence?

My name is Kim.

I want to do performance testing.
So I created a test case, it was running.

And i connected console page.
But i only saw graph.(ops…etc)

I want a numerical analysis.

How to get numerical analysis?

Thank you.

/opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats ${HOST}:11211 all -b ${buckets} | egrep ‘cmd_get|cmd_set|incr_misses|incr_hits|decr_misses|decr_hits|delete_misses|delete_hits’

How to calculate the ops?


./cbstats ${HOST}:11210 timings -b ${buckets} >> test1.txt

I like to send the output to a file to keep the results.

the stats are accumulative so to reset them between tests do:

./cbstats ${HOST}:11210 reset -b ${buckets}