Upgrading Couchbase server from 6.6.1 to 7.1 version


I am upgrading Couchbase server from 6.6.1 to 7.1 Enterprise version on Kubernetes container. We are installing couchbase server in dockerfile. Any major changes that I need to do the upgrade?

Need help in these queries:

  1. I would like to know if there are any challenges in terms of code changes, performance, system requirements, etc.,
  2. Will the java client needs upgrade too?
  3. While upgrading the java client, will it require any API/code changes?
  4. While upgrading, do we need to upgrade operator too? If yes, is there any major change that we need to do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Hi @Sagarika9 , 7.1 is currently not supported with the latest release of Operator (2.3.0). I suggest upgrading to 7.0.3 and there will not be any issues with the questions you’ve asked: Upgrade the Operator | Couchbase Docs

Actually, for now we are using couchbase operator as 1.2.2 with couchbase 6.6.1. But we want to upgrade couchbase to 7.1.0. So, Is couchbase operator 1.2.2 will work with couchbase 7.1.0?

this might explain why my 7.1.0 cluster fails to rebalance “eventing” several days in a row now… or would it?


Hi @tommie,

Is any 2.x version operator is compatible with Couchbase server 7.1 except couchbase operator 2.3 version?

Please advise.