Update document using SubDocument API overrides document expiration time

Hi Team,
I am new in couchbase and tried the insert option provided by couchbase sdk to create a document with expiration time of 3 days. This creates a document as expected.
But when I run an update ,it is updating the value in document and also resetting the expiration time to zero.
Code for that

     	public static void main(String[] args) {

		Cluster cluster = Cluster.connect(host, userName, password);
		Bucket bucket = cluster.bucket(bucketName);
		Collection defaultCollection = bucket.defaultCollection();

		//Duration expiry = Duration.ofDays(3l);
		//String documentId = "test123#" + System.currentTimeMillis();
		//JsonObject jsonDocument = JsonObject.create().put("name", "name1").put("age", 22).put("type", "emp");
		//MutationResult mutationResult = defaultCollection.insert(documentId, jsonDocument,
		//		InsertOptions.insertOptions().expiry(expiry));
		String documentId = "test123#1608632063262";
		List<MutateInSpec> mutateSpecs = new ArrayList<>();
		MutateInSpec ageSpec = MutateInSpec.replace("age", 10);
		MutateInResult mutationResult = bucket.defaultCollection().mutateIn(documentId, mutateSpecs);

I need to update one column in document and hence I am using mutateIn option.

Is it possible avoid resetting the expiration time in this scenario? If so can someone tell me how to do this ?
or if there is an alternate solution let me know. Thanks in advance

Hi Manzoor,

On the server side, preserving the expiry during subdoc operations is being addressed in Couchbase Server 7.0. The various Couchbase SDKs will also require updates; I’m not sure where that lies on the roadmap. Maybe @AV25242 knows more.