.NET SDK Sub-Document WithExpiry() Invalid?

Hello,From China, through Google Translate.May be inaccurate

bucket.MutateIn(“test”).WithExpiry(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)).Upsert(“a1”, “0000”, true)

Document expiration time is always 0,similar https://www.couchbase.com/forums/t/couchbase-java-subdocument-mutate-expiry/19486

I read the .net sdk source code.

Find CouchbaseBucket.cs

seems OptimizeSingleMutation method no setting Expires
I temporarily wrote Expires a value in SubDocDictUpsert,SubArrayAddUnique,SubArrayInsert,SubArrayPushFirst

    public SubDocDictUpsert(MutateInBuilder<T> builder, string key, IVBucket vBucket, ITypeTranscoder transcoder, uint timeout)
        : base(builder, key, vBucket, transcoder, SequenceGenerator.GetNext(), timeout)
        CurrentSpec = builder.FirstSpec();
        Path = CurrentSpec.Path;
        Cas = builder.Cas;
        Expires = builder.Expiry.ToTtl();

I don’t know if this is correct.
I hope to answer my question, thank you.

sdk version 2.7.2 ,Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 6.0.0 build 1693

Hello @lmymuyuan -

It sounds and looks like a bug - I created a ticket(NCBC-1828) for tracking.

Thanks for reporting!