Sub-document mutateIn: possible to alter metadata?

I’m using bucket.mutateIn() to modify a sub doc. I’ve noticed in some of the other SDKs a method .withExpiry() or similar.
It looks like this doesn’t exist in the Node SDK.
What is the correct way to modify metadata? Is it through e.g. .upsert('meta.expiration', 60*60*24) ?

(find expiry on above page you will find multiple api options)

Thanks for the reply.

I was interested in changing the expiry in sub-document operations though, specifically mutateIn().
Sub-document operations don’t seem to be documented in that link.

It looks like the Node.js SDK falls short in this respect.

Hey @Jason_Elder,

Looks like the link that was posted above was for a decisively ancient version of the SDK. You can find the information you are looking for at a more up to date documentation here:

Cheers, Brett

Ahhh, thank you! I didn’t notice the version number in the URL

Much appreciated!