Unattended Installation


I’m looking at having Couchbase install across a number of machines automatically and attach itself to a cluster.

I have created my setup.iss file and I’m confident that this step will work when tested on a secondary machine. This part of the installation is fine, but would be a little pointless if I am unable to automatically add the instance to a new or existing cluster.

Is this possible using the CLI tools, API or another method?


Edited to add - I’m installing onto Windows Server 2008 R2 using Community Edition v3.0.1.

Yes, you can add multiple servers to the cluster

Thanks Anil.

With regards to the above, I’m assuming that there is an unavoidable one-time initial setup of the first node of the cluster to allow anything further to be added? It also appears that the server-add command is expecting for initial installation and configuration of a node to be done, again I assume manually, so that it can be added in this manner?