Creating a Cluster


if i have four laptops running windows 7 operating system, there is a wireless network within, do i still need to install Couchbase server on all the system to form a clauster/distribution to test the scalabily of Couchbase runing my query program? At what point are the username/password required by the Couchbase server2.0 when adding nodes when form the cluster?



Yes you need to install Couchbase on each node of your cluster, but you configure the “cluster” on a single node.

Once you have install all the nodes and configure the cluster on 1 node you can “add” all the other nodes to the cluster. You can do it either from a configured node or from a new node.

During this phase you will have to enter the Administrator username and password.

Here some interesting pointers about Cluster creation and configuration:

1- Create the cluster:
UI :

2- Add node to the cluster:
UI : Click on Server Tabs and click on the “Add Node” button

PS: You are talking about setting up a cluster over a Wifi network, this is OK for development/testing but for production it is always better to have fast and reliable network, so better with cable/fiber.


How about the username/password that will be requested along with IP address when adding server node on a cauchbase server administrator interface. At what point were those password created?