Documentation error

CB Doc people:

On this page:

You have server add command as:
couchbase-cli server-add -c [host]:8091 -u [admin] -p [password] --server-add=[host]:8091 --server-add-username=[Administrator] --server-add-password=[password] --services=[data|index|query]


Your examples have:
couchbase-cli server-add -c \ --server-add= --server-add-username=Administrator \ --server-add-password=password --services=data

Nowhere on the page do you talk about what the -u and -p are for?

It looks like one ("-u" + “-p”) is the cluster’s administrative password while the others are the login/password of the node being added.

I think the explanation is that if the node was pre-existing, it could already have been configured separately, with a different password. So you’d want to provide both sets of credentials in order to confirm that you want to bring the solo node into a larger cluster (which would erase the data on the node).

Do you want to go ahead and generate a ticket with the docs team (they’ll have the team owning the tool improve the explanation)? There’s a “feedback” button at the bottom of the documentation page to that effect.

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