Unable to use cbopcfg to delete operator installed with helm

We have deployed the autonomous operator and admission controller using helm, and put it in a custom namespace. Now we are trying to upgrade the operator using the instructions here Upgrade the Operator | Couchbase Docs, which say to uninstall the operator using cbopcfg (v2.2). However, I cannot find an option to override the default operator name, so it is unable to find the resources to delete. Also, we tried an alternative of using the generate command, but the -n does not seem to inject the namespace into the yaml. Is there an alternate way of deleting the the operator and dac when a custom name and namespace is used?

./cbopcfg generate operator -n cb

Uninstalling the helm release should do it, that’s probably the best option when working with helm. Helm does have issues with upgrading as you’ve seen, particularly that Helm does not touch any CRDs if they are present (this is a design decision but means you have to do it manually).

Hi Patrick,

Right now we install the operator, admission controller, and a cluster using the same helm install, so this would also uninstall our cluster. It looks like it would be better for us to have 2 different helm installs, one for the operator and admission controller, and another for the cluster.

We reference the general upgrade documentation from the helm upgrade because there are a lot of corner cases depending on your configuration. The main thing you always have to do is a CRD update (create+replace) and then with the default values a helm upgrade should work.

For a non-helm installation we want people to ensure they update the DAC and operator versions so they match each other (& the CRD) so it is always good to remove them first (helm does this for you).

However, as you say a separate set of helm “releases” will work too and will always be correct if just a bit more work.

Makes sense. Thank you!