Unable to run java travel-sample

When I run the Java travel-sample on Windows the HTTP application loads but I see the following error when attempting to get a list of flights:

[{“msg”:“Primary index #primary not online.”,“code”:4000}]

Mmh it looks like the database’s index service is down…

What kind of setup do you have on the server side?

  • localhost single node server or cluster?
  • which version?
  • do all nodes have data + query + index services enabled?

Do you see something about indexes going down in the logs (in webconsole)?

Oh it could actually also be a problem on the query service side (since it’s talking about the primary index).
Can you run this N1QL query in cbq to list the indexes and their status, and paste the result here?

SELECT * FROM system:indexes;

I am running the release version on Windows 8. Single node. If I specify the above SQL I get the following error:

“code”: 11000,
“msg”: “System datastore error - cause: Failed to load indexes for keyspace travel-sample - cause: Failed to load indexes Keyspace travel-sample - cause: all nodes failed to respond”

@geraldss any idea on what might be causing this?

Please verify your installation to ensure INDEX SERVICE is configured and running.
If it is, see the log tab of the web console or indexer.log to see why the installation didn’t go through correctly.