Sample Data Create Primary Index failed. No Index Service Available

I installed as a development server the Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 build 5552 on my Win7 desktop with a 2GB RAM Quota. And loaded the sample data buckets.

The sample data buckets loaded but without indexes. So I attempted to run the following on the Query Workbench on the web console:

create primary index tsPrimaryIndex on travel-sample using gsi

Which resulted in:

GSI CreatePrimaryIndex() - cause: Fails to create index. There is no available index service that can process this request at this time. Index Service can be in bootstrap, recovery, or non-reachable. Please retry the operation at a later time.

The servers tab does indicate services installed for data, full text, index, query.

I’m a newbie on this. What should I be looking into?

Check indexer.log cc @deepkaran.salooja

If any of the ports required by the index service is already occupied by some other process, indexer process won’t be able to bootstrap. You should be able to see the exact error in the indexer.log file.

For the list of ports required for index service, please see:

That was it. In Windows port 9100 is being used by the Spooler. Stopping the spooler allowed the indexer to respond.

Is there a way to change the indexer port?

It cannot be changed as of now.