Unable to connect sync gateway since couchbase lite 2.0 db20


I just made the test, my xamarin.form POC app is working with the couchabase Lite 2.0 db19 version, I’m abble to connect and sync with sync gateway.

After that, I updated the nuget pakages the the db20 version, and made the changes to be able to compile (Document=> MutableDocuement and IConflictResolver)

My app start, but the replicator don’t want to connect, no message to help, no exception, just wait,. Status is always Connecting …,

After this test, I changed back the nuget package of couchbase Lite to db19, ( inverted the code changes) and the replication did start normally.

Hope you will be able to correct this regression.



There is an issue that we recently uncovered wth .Net version of DB20 w.r.t replication. Unfortunately, it won’t be before DB21 before it’s fixed. (https://github.com/couchbase/couchbase-lite-net/issues/932) CC @borrrden