Couchbase lite 2.0, Db22, Replicator Crash with exceptions


I finished to instal sync gateway 2.0 beta, and made all the changes in my Xamarin forms, c# solution to work with de db22 version of couchbase Lite.

I’m using a sync gateway installed on my computer, windows 10 fall creator update, to be sure it’s no network trouble.

When I’m lauching my app for the first time, I’ve around 40000 doc to sync from my bucket.
I added a log of the replicator exceptions I have that message :

LiteCoreException (1005): no status code received

I tried to restart the replicator, after some restart and the same exception, I’ve a crash of my app, and after that, the replicator exception message change to :

LiteCoreException (35): Invalid sequence ID in 'since': "39478:23249"

I’m so sad this db22 version did’t solve the replication problem I had since the db19, and db21 versions.

What can I do to solve this problems ?



If I recall, you had filed a GitHub ticket on this topic ? Can you re-open that ticket please or comment on that post directly.


Good memory !! Yes, I do it now.