Unable to connect and query data via python SDK

Hi I have a couchbase single node server Enterprise Edition 7.1.2 build 3454 via a dcker run command listed on couchbase docker hub page.
It worked perfectly for our testing purposes and was able to connect to it via apache nifi and python sdk.
Due to storage constraints couchbase container was inaccessible and that created an issue for index service.
Storage issue was resolved and everything seems to get back to normality but the scripts that we were using to retrieve data from Couchbase were not working.
couchbase.exceptions.AmbiguousTimeoutException: <ec=13, category=couchbase.common, message=ambiguous_timeout (13), context=HTTPErrorContext({‘client_context_id’: ‘f7c95c54-0596-404e-c1e7-d001f220d181’, ‘method’: ‘GET’, ‘path’: ‘/pools/default’, ‘http_status’: 0, ‘http_body’: ‘’}), C Source=C:\Jenkins\workspace\python\sdk\python-scripted-build-pipeline\py-client\src\management\management.cxx:194>

AmbiguousTimeoutException usually indicates that the SDK was not able to successfully connect to the server within the timeout. It likely cannot connect at all. Check your connection string, username, password, ports etc. SDK Doctor could be useful.

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