Trying to connect remote Couchbase with credential but getting unambiguous_timeout (14)

When we are trying to connect remote Couchbase with credential , we getting

unambiguous_timeout and as result login failed to Couchbase.

We increased the timeout time upto 60 sec.

The below error details we are getting.

**Error: <ec=14, category=couchbase.common, message=unambiguous_timeout (14), C Source=C: \Jenkins\workspace\python\sdk\python-scripted-build-pipeline\py-client\src\connection.cxx:199>

Code snippet:

            print("Logging on to Couchbase")
            with open('config/cred.yaml', 'r') as stream:
                cred = yaml.safe_load(stream).get('cb')
                cb_username = cred.get('username')
                cb_password = cred.get('password')
            auth = PasswordAuthenticator(
            print("Using password authenticator")
            options = ClusterOptions.create_options_with_profile(auth, KnownConfigProfiles.WanDevelopment)
            print("Got Credentials from couchbase, trying to login to couchbase")
            print("formatted URL :", 'couchbase://{}'.format(couchbase_url))
            cluster = Cluster('couchbase://{}'.format(couchbase_url), ClusterOptions(auth))
            print("cluster : ", cluster)
                                     WaitUntilReadyOptions(service_types=[ServiceType.KeyValue, ServiceType.Query]))
            print("after login : ", couchbase_url)

We are using python sdk 3.11 and couchbase version Enterprise Edition 7.1.3

Can you describe how the client and server are connected? i.e. is this on your laptop connecting to a Docker container? Are you in a particular cloud provider?

Typically a timeout at this early stage is caused by some networking issue in between the client and server rather than a bug or performance issue.

You can also try using the sdk doctor to get more connection diagnostics:

And there is some good documentation in the Python SDK for error handling and troubleshooting:
Diagnosing and preventing Network Problems with Health Check | Couchbase Docs and Handling Errors | Couchbase Docs

(also note that version 4 of the Python SDK is available now, I don’t have any reason to suspect that upgrading would resolve the issue you’re having, but good to be aware of the latest version :slight_smile: )

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You can get additional logging by setting the environment variable before running

Also - try using the latest version of the SDK.

Hi , When I am trying to connect couchbase server from my laptop using python sdk locally its working,
But when when i am trying to connect my same standalone application in remote desktop , then I am facing this issue(time out issue).

Hi , When I am trying to connect couchbase server from my laptop using python sdk locally its working,
But when when i am trying to connect my same standalone application in remote desktop , then I am facing this issue(time out issue). we are using latest sdk 4.
But we have java application which is running fine for both local and remote

Are you able to run a healthcheck from within that same application? Health Check | Couchbase Docs

The timeout exception should have RETRY_REASONS. Setting the LCB_LOGLEVEL=5 should also give more diagnostics

to set LCB_LOGLEVEL=5 just we have to set an env variable?
like below :slight_smile:

import base64
import re
from datetime import timedelta

import yaml
from couchbase.auth import PasswordAuthenticator
from couchbase.cluster import Cluster
from couchbase.options import (ClusterOptions, ClusterTimeoutOptions,
                               QueryOptions, KnownConfigProfiles)
import urllib3

import oc_handling as oc
from couchbase.diagnostics import ServiceType
from couchbase.options import WaitUntilReadyOptions

import couchbase

import logging


LOGGING_LOG_FORMAT = "%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s [ %(thread)d %(threadName)s ] : %(message)s"



A shell environment variable.
Google : shell environment variable
Google : couchbase LCB_LOGLEVEL

Hi @abhijsar – Sorry, since you are using the 4.x SDK, the logging is different (we use our C++ SDK and not the C SDK as the 3.x version of the Python SDK did). See the 4.x logging documentation here. A quick way to get log information for the SDK is as follows (be sure to change to the name of your python script). Also, you can use debug or trace logging levels as those will provide the most information for debugging purposes.

PYCBC_LOG_LEVEL=trace python

Also as @perry has noted, using SDK Doctor is a good tool to use to make sure your connection is okay.

hi @jcasey @perry
getting this after using sdk doctor :
e[33m[WARN]e[0m No certificate authority file specified (–tls-ca), skipping server certificate verification for this run.
e[33m[WARN]e[0m Your connection string specifies only a single host. You should consider adding additional static nodes from your cluster to this list to improve your applications fault-tolerance
e[31m[ERRO]e[0m Failed to fetch configuration via cccp from (error: dial tcp i/o timeout)
e[31m[ERRO]e[0m Failed to fetch terse configuration via http from (error: Get “”: net/http: HTTP/1.x transport connection broken: malformed HTTP response “\x15\x03\x03\x00\x02\x02”)
e[31m[ERRO]e[0m All endpoints specified by your connection string were unreachable, further cluster diagnostics are not possible.

what is wrong here?


It looks to me like some pretty low-level networking issue is blocking communication. This is usually due to a firewall (or security group) configuration.

Can you share some more details on exactly how this is all setup? You mention a remote desktop…is that running on a cloud instance (and if so, which provider?). Is it Windows or Linux? Is Couchbase running in another cloud instance? Windows or Linux? Or is this all in your local datacenter/home network? Any docker, kubernetes or load balancers? And you mentioned that a java application is running fine…is that running in the exact same remote desktop and using the exact same connection string?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a complete picture to identify some potential areas for digging into. If you have a license to our Enterprise Edition it might be worth opening a support ticket with the team, they’ll probably ask a lot of the same questions though :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, issue resolved ,it was firewall issue.

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