UnAmbiguousTimeoutException when connecting to a cluster

I have a flask application with a couchbase server. both are running in a docker container. from the flask application I can connect and do basically whatever I want. withing that project I created a new file and when I try to connect get an UnAmbiguousTimeoutException but I don’t know why. I’m pulling all my settings straight from a dockerfile so they are the same everywhere

this is what I get on the Cluster.connect call: couchbase.exceptions.UnAmbiguousTimeoutException: UnAmbiguousTimeoutException(<ec=14, category=couchbase.common, message=unambiguous_timeout (14), C Source=/tmp/pip-install-z0u5id7n/couchbase_683905725746499f812f507098929e16/src/connection.cxx:199>)

Follow the example here to enable debug logging. Omit the filename=‘example.log’ argument to log to the console.

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