Txcouchbase authentication

My python application currently uses Twisted and txcouchbase to write data to Couchbase Server 4.5 in an asynchronous manner. I currently do not have any authentication set up.

I want to upgrade our Couchbase server to 5.1. In this version, we need to use username-password based authentication to connect to the server.

I know this authentication is possible to do in synchronous mode by calling the authenticate() method on the cluster object. However, I have not been able to find any information on performing authentication in asynchronous mode or via the txcouchbase module.

Is this use-case supported in the latest python SDK? If yes, can you point me to a place where I can find more information or an example?



When you say you have no auth, if you are using a bucket with a password there is a bit of auth.

The way this works at a lower level is that the SDK has always really had a username. We generally transparently use the bucket name as the user name in releases prior to 5.x.

For 5.x, there is an upgrade strategy that, with a rebalance upgrade, will transparently create a user with the same name as the bucket name. But you can do this yourself too if needed.

So in summary, if you’re using txcouchbase with a bucketname and password, 5.x is still compatible by creating a user with the same name as the bucket, and putting the password on that user. We haven’t added specific auth to txcouchbase yet and this is being overhauled in the next major version.

Hope that helps!