Cannot connect to Couchbase on Python travel-sample app

I am trying the travel-sample app with python but keep getting this error.

couchbase.exceptions._AuthError_0x2 (generated, catch AuthError): <RC=0x2[Authentication failed. You may have provided an invalid username/password combination], There was a problem while trying to send/receive your request over the network. This may be a result of a bad network or a misconfigured client or server, C Source=(src/bucket.c,1066)>

I set the value of PASSWORD to my Couchbase server password, but I don’t see where to set the administrator name. Do I need to modify the CONNSTR string for that?

CONNSTR = 'couchbase://localhost/travel-sample'

I am using Couchbase Server 5.1.1 Community version on Mac.

Hi @europa.geo,

I think the issue might be that the travel-sample app was designed with 4.x in mind, and you are using 5.x.

There is a 5.0 branch available here:, you might want to give that a try.

Also, you might want to post Python related questions in the Python forums in the future:

I’m going to tag @ellis.breen as someone who can also help you if you have trouble switching to the 5.0 branch.

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