Couchbase 5.0.0 April Build Authentication failed using node js

Using the current 5.0.0 April release my node js client now fails to open a bucket with the following error:
Authentication failed. You may have provided an invalid username/password combination

The March release worked just fine. Is there something new with authentication in the April release? I have a username and password configured for the cluster but not at the bucket level. I noticed the installation was slightly different this time around. Any help moving forward would be appreciated.


The most common issue people run into is not creating a user and giving them the same permissions. If you’re authenticating the same way you always have in the past (say, against 4.6 server), you’ll need to add a username that is the same as the bucket name and give that user permissions over that bucket.

The enhancement for handling username/bucketname/password with node.js is underway by @brett19 and should be in the next micro of the node client. You can track it in JSCBC-356.

Thank you that worked!