Unambiguous_timeout (14) Node sdk 4. Trying Secure certificate connection

we are using couchbase sdk 4. Trying to connect to Cluster using username , password and trust store path (our certificate). It is working in dev, qa envr but failing in production environement with error code 14 unambiguous_timeout.

Couchbase url - couchbases://x1.a.com,x2.a.com,x3.a.com

As soon as i remove certificate check by appending ?tls_verify=none in above url, it starts working in production environment also. Kindly help.

Hi @Vratika_Jain – Could you provide debug or trace level logs from running your application? There might be info in the logs as to why the SDK is unable to connect. See logging docs for details on logging with the SDK.

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Hi, Thanks for response. We checked and it turns out that production certificate had an issue.

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