How to get more information when getting UnAmbiguousTimeoutException?

I am upgrading from Python 2.X SDK to the 4.1.2 SDK. For some reason, I am no longer able to connect to the cluster.
When the code hits this line: cluster = Cluster('couchbases://{}'.format(endpoint), options)
I am eventually getting this error:

couchbase.exceptions.UnAmbiguousTimeoutException: <ec=14, category=couchbase.common, message=unambiguous_timeout (14), C Source=/home/ec2-user/workspace/python/sdk/python-manylinux-wheel-pipeline/couchbase-python-client/src/connection.cxx:199>

Is there any way to get more detailed information about the error? Are there any networking steps I need to do? Or I’m wondering if maybe it’s just not compatible with the older server versions.

Hi @anterenzi - I would recommend running the program with logging, but as you suspected newer SDKs are not compatible with older versions of Couchbase server.

Easy way to get debug logs:

PYCBC_LOG_LEVEL=debug python <your script>.py

Some helpful references:

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