Take backup for specific type of documents

Hi Team,

For Load Testing I need to prepare and load millions of documents. I have taken backup of entire bucket using cbbackupmgr before.

But my query is, is it possible to take backup of a specific type of document’s alone instead of entire bucket?.


Hello @Manzoor128 ,

In Couchbase Server 7 it’s possible to take a backup at a bucket or scope or collection level. Generally speaking all documents of the same type should be in the same collection, if that is the case here then the ----include-data gives that ability .

Unfortunately at this time it’s not possible to do a backup base on a query. There are some other tools like cbq but I don’t think they would be suitable for dumping millions of documents.

It’s also worth noting that on a restore a restore it’s possible to filter base on value and key,. Another options is to do a normal backup and filter on the restore.

Please let me know if you have any questions.