How to backup documents queried by a specific view

Let’s say I have a view called “by location” and I want to backup the documents queried by such view.
Is there any proper way to do the job? (I can’t find any… :frowning: )
If not, what could be the most efficient way?

(I am trying to backup some data from production level to local)

Any hint would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

The filter keys option using cbbackup would allow you to match a certain key criteria. This isn’t the full solution on it’s own, as there would still be the need to adopt a key naming convention that would allow this within the data model, and if there are exclusions/inclusions based on a particular map reduce function, this would be further complicated by having to rename some portion of the keys to prevent or include them matching the key filter value.

Wouldn’t such approach search the whole documents?
Which would take very long time to get the results? :frowning: