Is there any way to take backup for some selected docs or backup a portion of your dataset?

I have situation where I need to move some specific types of docs from one bucket to another bucket.

I have made a check for cbbackup and got

Filter keys during backup
The cbbackup command includes support for filtering the keys that are backed up into the database files you create. This can be useful if you want to specifically backup a portion of your dataset, or you want to move part of your dataset to a different bucket.

The specification is in the form of a regular expression, and is performed on the client-side within the cbbackup tool. For example, to backup information from a bucket where the keys have a prefix of ‘object’:

cbbackup http://HOST:8091 /backups/backup-20120501
-u Administrator -p password
-b default
-k ‘^object.*’

But just confused how do I create a regular expression for a docs I want to fiter like
if I only want to restore the docs with abc type

Hi Ravi, this is the latest documentation for cbimport:

At the present moment, we only allow filtering by key, so I would recommend you if possible to append the document type to your key and then filter it with the -k option.

Appending the type of the object to the key will also allow you to filter which document you would like to replicate using XDCR for example.

thanks @deniswsrosa let me make a try