SyncGateway as a pure REST API

Dear Couchers!

We are evaluating Couchbase Server as a NoSQL backend. We are satisfied by the performance, however, we also need a REST API to query and to provide CUD operations, which we would not like to implement ourselves. Is the SyncGateway a viable solution for that purpose as a RESTful layer? What do you suggest? Latency is a key metric here.

Thank you in advance!


If you want a proper Server REST API, you should still have a minimum of code writing to do. I suggest using Spring Data Couchbase for that. It’s right now the easiest way to create a REST CRUD API over Couchbase.

In general I would not advise using a CRUD API directly on any kind of database. I would write a proper domain API to avoid inappropriate intimacy issues.

Also, I would use the Sync Gateway only if you want offline sync.