Get data from database directly

I don’t want to use local database on mobile, I want to get data directly from database server or from sync gateway
(I dont want to store any data in device)

is that possible, I didn’t find any documentation for this for ios and android


Edit(Since this information is wrong): If you don’t want to use a local database on mobile, you can use SDKs for Couchbase server, which doesn’t require Sync Gateway itself.

If you want to access through Sync Gateway, you can use Sync Gateway Public REST APIs.

The Couchbase Server SDKs aren’t applicable, because Couchbase Server should never be exposed to the public Internet for security reasons. The Sync Gateway REST API will work for you.

Thank you for your response, do you have any documentation for rest API for swift and android?

The REST API is not “for Swift and Android”. A REST API is a REST API. It is a set of HTTP calls. @jayahari.vavachan already linked to the API docs.

Ok, thank you! but I will figure it out, but if you have samples, it will be appreciated.

You can see some examples of using the REST api here:

You can use the postman collections repo for Sync Gateway for reference. Postman provides you with code snippets in a variety of languages (including java and swift) corresponding to each request.

Corresponding blog: