Config for multi tenant application

Hi, I’m trying to create an application similar to the multi-tenant example here Scopes and Collections Support in Couchbase Mobile for Edge Applications

Essentially, let’s say I have two users, each of them has a mobile application. I want to segregate their data into different scopes. i.e. user1 will have all the data in scope ‘user_1’ and user2 will have all the data in scope ‘user_2’ Now I want the sync gateway to only sync the data from scope ‘user_1’ to user1s application.
I’m not sure about how to go about doing that, the android sdk only specifies that you can specify collections to sync, there is no information about syncing all the collections in a particular scope

I don’t think that dividing/partitioning data per user per scope is going to scale. Couchbase has a limit of 100 scopes per CouchBase cluster.
using scopes and collections as ways to group data by docType and assigning a channel per user. Then tagging/channeling those docs to a user(s). This can scale to many millions of users and many millions of documents.

Can you elaborate on why you want to separate them to different scopes?